Course Overview

Our Roller Course will give you the necessary skills to plan and prepare a job for roller activities, conduct operational checks, drive and manoeuvre a roller in various work environments, carry out maintenance checks, relocate the roller to a designated area and finally maintain a clean work area.

Full Course Details


Shamrock have developed a comprehensive training plan for our nationally recognised Roller Operations course providing students with the knowledge and practical experience to safely operate a roller on multiple worksites across the country.

This training in its current form, meets the criteria for the unit of competency requirements.

Rollers are primarily used to compact materials through various techniques such as kneading, vibration and direct pressure. There are several different rollers available depending on the task to be carried out and the materials to be compacted such as cylindrical rollers, grid rollers and smooth wheeled roller.

This unit will give you the necessary skills to plan and prepare a job for roller activities, conduct operational checks, drive and manoeuvre a roller in various work environments, carry out maintenance checks, relocate the roller to a designated area and finally maintain a clean work area.

All aspects of this course will be taught by our highly knowledgeable trainersthrough written and practical teachings at our onsite training facility in Brisbane. The course content will include, but is not limited to the following;

  • Hazard identification, environmental issues and control measures
  • WHS regulations, Australian standards and site procedures
  • Safe operating techniques of a roller
  • Routine before and after operational checks
  • Various types of rollers and their functions and characteristics
  • Choosing the correct roller attachments
  • Emergency procedures and personal protective equipment
  • Traffic management plans and requirements
  • Relocation of the roller
  • Maintenance and isolation procedures
  • Documentation relevant to all roller operations
  • Communication in the workplace including written, verbal and visual techniques
  • Earthwork calculations

The successful candidate will have the knowledge and ability to carry out the following;

  • Identify, report and continually monitor potential hazards in the workplace associated with all roller activities
  • Implement the necessary control measures to prevent hazards from reoccurring
  • Conduct operational checks including pre-starts, start-up and shut down checks
  • Operate a roller using the various compaction techniques such as kneading and direct pressure
  • Adjust and change roller attachments such as interchangeable drums, bars, brooms and blades
  • Recognise the capabilities and limitations of a roller and associated equipment
  • Carry out maintenance checks and isolate defective plant and equipment according to site procedures
  • Interpret site plans and sketches
  • Understand the importance of soil technology for compaction methods
  • Communicate effectively with all workplace personnel and ensure communication techniques such as hand signals and two-way radios are adhered to
  • Implement a comprehensive traffic management plan
  • Comply with all health and safety legislation relevant to roller operations

On successful completion of this course, you will have the knowledge and practical experience to operate a range of different rollers in compliance with all safety legislation and site procedures. Shamrock will issue you with a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment and operators’ card.

Our highly competent trainers at Shamrock will ensure you are confident and site-ready, preparing you for multiple employment roles in industries such as the construction and mining industries

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Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course.

Course Logistics

Depending on experience our course is run over 2-5 days, face to face at our Training Facility or on site

Payment Methods

Course payments can be made via debit card, credit card or direct deposit.

Full payment is required prior to the course start date.


Shamrock Training provides flexible delivery in all courses consisting of classroom based theory learning using a range of methodologies, onsite workplace training and scenario based practical knowledge training. Theory content is always supported by the provisions of practical skills training to enable you to transfer the information learnt in the classroom to a simulated working environment.

Delivery Location

Shamrock Training Facility located in Brisbane

We can deliver on our client’s site (provided the required facility & equipment is available and compliant)

Pre-requisite Information

  • Be able to read and write basic English
  • Be physically capable of working outdoors, on your feet for up to 6 hours
  • Provide photo identification
  • Wear steel capped or safety boots on site; sun protection Hat, long sleeved shirt and pants – are also recommended.

Course Outcomes / AQF Certification

Upon successful completion a Statement of Attainment for the unit of competency completed will be issued.

Refund Policy

See our student handbook for further information on refunds.

PPE Requirements

Hi-Vis Shirt, Long Pants, Enclosed Footwear, Hardhat, Gloves (all other PPE will be provided).

Why Shamrock Training Services?

  • Extensive training offered by our certified instructors
  • Classroom based training that includes live videos and demonstrations
  • Practical training that meets logbook requirements
  • Written and practical assessment tests
  • Competency-based assessments
  • A nationally recognised certificate

RTO Compliance

Shamrock Training Services is responsible for and committed to the on-going compliance for all training and assessment conducted. Please see the Student handbook for more information.