CPCCLDG3001 – Licence to perform Dogging


Course Overview

In order to work alongside Cranes and sling loads you will need proper training as a Dogger. The Dogger Course is designed to give you formal training on how to estimate load weights, select lifting gear, inspect lifting gear, sling loads and direct crane operators to move and place various loads. It is suitable for new and existing workers and offers extensive training from start to finish.

Full Course Details


Our nationally recognised Dogging course CPCCLDG3001 Licence to perform dogging is designed to give students the knowledge and practical experience to carry out dogging activities across many worksites in Australia. This course is based on the Safe Work Australia’s National Standard for Licensing Persons conducting high risk work.

Dogging activities involves working with cranes, where the dogman will select and inspect the appropriate lifting gear for the safe transportation of loads along with directing the crane operator when the load is out of the operator’s full view.

The training in its current form, meets the criteria stated in the state and territory licencing and unit of competency requirements.

This course will give you detailed training on how to plan a job and prepare the site for dogging operations, choose the appropriate lifting gear for the task being carried out, safely move the load to the designated area and remove the lifting equipment, inspect the equipment and isolate if faulty and finally maintain a clean, hazard free work area.

All aspects of this course will be taught at our onsite training facility in Brisbane through written and practical teachings. The course content will include, but is not limited to the following;

  • WHS legislation, Australian standards and site policies and procedures
  • Hazard identification and control measures
  • Preparing a load for safe transportation
  • Various types of lifting gear
  • Safe slinging techniques
  • Inspecting lifting gear
  • Isolation procedures
  • Housekeeping duties
  • Documentation of all dogging operations
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Safe working load calculations

The successful applicant will have the skills and knowledge to demonstrate the following;

  • Identify potential hazards associated with dogging activities such as powerlines, weather conditions and ground stability
  • Implement the necessary control measures to prevent hazards from reoccurring using the hierarchy of control
  • Conduct inspections of lifting equipment and isolate if faulty according to site procedures
  • Understand the capabilities and limitations of the different types of lifting equipment including ropes, slings, clamps and beams
  • Apply techniques using fibre and synthetic rope to secure a load
  • Knowledgeable of the various cranes and their functions such as tower cranes, vehicle loading cranes and slewing mobile cranes
  • Estimate safe working loads using mathematical calculations
  • Comply with all relevant health and safety legislation, codes of practice and site procedures relevant to dogging activities
  • Effectively communicate with the crane operator using appropriate communication methods such as hand signals, two-way radios and whistles
  • Ensure communication equipment is in good working order by carrying out routine checks
  • Communicate effectively with all workplace personnel including site supervisors, co-workers and machine operators

On successful completion of this course, you will be issued with a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment, where you will be eligible to apply for the HRWL licence through Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ).

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable trainers at Shamrock will ensure you are confident in your abilities to safely carry out dogman operations, preparing you for future employment opportunities in various industries such as construction, mining and offshore drilling.

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Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course.

Course Logistics

5 days face to face at our Training Facility or on the client’s site.

Payment Methods

Course payments can be made via debit card, credit card or direct deposit.  Payment plans are available with Certegy Ezi-pay (pre-approval required prior to course start date).

Full payment is required prior to the course assessment date.


Shamrock Training provides flexible delivery in all courses consisting of classroom based theory learning using a range of methodologies, onsite workplace training and scenario based practical knowledge training. Theory content is always supported by the provisions of practical skills training to enable you to transfer the information learnt in the classroom to a simulated working environment.

Delivery Location

Shamrock Training Facility located in Brisbane

We can deliver on our client’s site (provided the required facility & equipment is available and compliant)


Pre-requisite Information

  • Be able to read and write basic English (Workplace Health and Safety requirement)
  • Be physically capable of working outdoors, on your feet for up to 6 hours
  • Minimum 18 years of age (Workplace Health and Safety requirement)
  • Provide three forms of identification (including current photo ID)
  • Wear steel capped or safety boots on site; sun protection Hat, long sleeved shirt and pants – are also recommended.

Course Outcomes / AQF Certification

Upon successful completion a Statement of Attainment for the unit of competency completed will be issued.

HRWL Requirements

Applicants over 18 years old are only eligible to apply for a Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) Licence upon successful completion of the final theory, calculations and practical assessment.

When applying for a High Risk Work Licence from Work Health and Safety Queensland, applicants must comply with the Work Health and Safety Queensland Evidence of Identity criteria.


Shamrock training does offer RPL however, students are required to undertake formal assessment in accordance with WHSQ requirements.

Refund Policy

See our student handbook for further information on refunds.

PPE Requirements

Hi-Vis Shirt, Long Pants, Enclosed Footwear, Hardhat, Gloves (all other PPE will be provided).

Why Shamrock Training Services?

  • Extensive training offered by our certified instructors
  • Classroom based training that includes live videos and demonstrations
  • Practical training that meets logbook requirements
  • Written and practical assessment tests
  • Competency-based assessments
  • A nationally recognised certificate

RTO Compliance

Shamrock Training Services is responsible for and committed to the on-going compliance for all training and assessment conducted. Please see the Student handbook for more information.