An Elevated work platform course is required by law in Australia for workers who carry out their work on these EWP, in order for EWP employers to be certified by OH&S ticket (Occupational Health and Safety)

There are different Elevated work platform training programs available and to find out which one is relevant to your job, you would need to check with an EWP training company that runs these types of courses. There are a number of Elevated work platform jobs where you need to be licensed, and it is also a legal requirement for both EWP employees and the employer to participate in updates to the training.

Finding Elevated work platform licensed instructors to train you in the safe use of elevated work platforms, and assessors for the subsequent EWP Ticket Brisbane test is not too hard in Australia. And a lot of training companies in Australia also offer an on-site version of the course as well, so you do not need to worry about traveling. With on-site training, you should check if there are additional fees for the licence test and any re-assessment though. Generally, employers look for a comprehensive intensive training course for their EWP employees, with everything covered in the one agreement.

You will find some employers and job agencies offering this training course for free as well, in some cases where you are looking for permanent or seasonal work.

What do you need?

You do need to be over 18 to participate in the EWP training course.

A basic level of reading and writing skills to be able to read the EWP course material in English.

You need a photo ID and a secondary ID document as well.

This Elevated work platform training course includes covers the operation of lifts, risk assessment, health, and safety. However, if they work on EWP, they will need the additional elevated work platform training course.

What do you learn in the EWP Course?

Elevated work platform courses are based on Australian Qualification Framework guidelines, offering training programs on legislation, OHS laws, planning and carrying out the work safely, health, and safety awareness. EWP Training Courses also cover the use of slings, harnesses, and the right use of protective equipment, Elevated work platform orientation, and operation.

With these types of training courses, it is important for the training course to also go over the requirements of employees to be “fit to work” when taking the practical test for the EWP ticket and carrying out the job. This way employers’ interest is protected as well.

How Long does the EWP Course take?

Usually, elevated work platform courses take up to two days to complete, and people should be aware that in some cases, licensed course trainers might refuse to train people who are under the influence of some medication or drugs (Also Alcohol).

Students who prove to be competent are issued a certificate of achievement and an EWP ticket and are then legally licensed to carry out work on elevated work platforms.