If you are in the construction industry as Dogman, you may well be looking for somewhere to carry out some dogging construction training for you as an individual dogger or for your employees who are looking to get their Dogman Ticket Brisbane. This Dogman construction course is vital to the health and safety aspects of your business. it also ensures that you and other staff members are working safely. Thus, preventing accidents and also improving efficiency in dogging activities.

There is a wide range of dogging construction course providers to choose from. So, how do you make sure that you have got the one who will be able to really deliver the best dogman training courses, at the right price and in the right locations? Moreover, those who will be able to award you or your employees with a dogger ticket.

You need to look out for a few main areas and points when choosing between Dogman training companies you have highlighted as potentials.

First of all,

Make sure you enquire and ask about the Dogger training companies’ experience in the construction industry. Dogman Trainers will be able to identify much better with the students they are teaching on the dogger training course if they have the first-hand experience of a construction site. As they have been there, done it, and probably have several worn t-shirts! They understand the ropes and know how the work is typically carried out on a construction site, and this knowledge means that they have many hints and suggestions to improve the overall dogger situation. Tips like the current necessity of a dogger ticket nowadays.


Make sure you enquire about the dogman training facilities – where you will be carrying out your dogger training. A high-quality dogger training provider will have an appropriate, purpose-built training venue. As your dogman training courses may well include health and safety work at height. The best training providers will have indoor facilities which are large enough to make sure that the dogging course still goes on even if the weather is a little rough outside.


It is also worth enquiring about how they structure and design their dogman training courses. Especially training organizations with a great deal of experience in the construction industry will build bespoke courses for clients. For instance, they may well be able to tie in together several crucial elements so that you can cover a good amount of ground in one day, rather than having to return on different days. If you have a large group of doggers taking part in the course this is something that the majority of high-quality training course providers should provide.


You should make sure that the dogman training organization that you are opting for is an RTO. Only a registered training organization would have the means and the quality to provide you with a dogging course that would qualify you or your employees to take the test for the dogging ticket. The Dogman licence is more important now than ever due to the frequent accidents in the field of construction. Therefore, most site chiefs nowadays only hire licenced operators as it serves as proof of competency.

Dogman training courses are vital in the industry, with the issue of health and safety continuing to rise it really is imperative that you have a good dogging training structure in place so that all of your workers are perfectly educated on their knowledge concerning health and safety requirements.