Guarantee your safety in working at heights

By John o'Connor,

Safety is always a priority in every profession. This is especially when the profession you are working is already a high risk profession. For every profession, there are safety guidelines to follow to guarantee your safety on the worksite. working at heights Brisbane is performing work tasks from a distance above the level of the ground. Such work comes with a lot of dangers. This includes the accidental falling from a high height. It also includes the accidental dropping of the work equipment from a high height as well. Either of them might lead to serious injuries that might be fatal. Hence, it is necessary to guarantee your safety in working at heights. This needs to make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements of the working at heights profession. Such requirements which would normally equip you with all the skills you need to guarantee your safety in such a profession.

Working at Heights Training Brisbane

One of the very important requirements that you would need to fulfill before starting to work at heights is obtaining a professional Working at Heights Training. There are many training institutions all over Brisbane that deliver such training including Shamrock Training. Through this training, you will learn everything you need to know about how to guarantee your safety while working at heights. This includes teaching you:

Policies and safety legislations

This training makes sure you learn everything about the policies of the worksites you are expected to work at. More importantly, it makes sure you are aware of the health and safety legislations. This is in order to be able to safely carry out all the tasks while working at heights.

Hazard identification and risk assessment 

One of the very important aspects of this training is that you would learn how to identify the potential hazards on your potential work site. In addition, you would learn how to assess the risks. You would also learn how to implement the necessary control methods to avoid any potential hazard on your worksite.

Safety equipment

Through this training, you would learn everything you need to know about the safety equipment. This includes their features and how they function.

Storage of the safety equipment

In addition to learning their features and how they function, you would also learn how to store the safety equipment properly on work sites.

Usage of tools at height

Through this training, you would be able to learn how to properly and correctly use the necessary tools while carrying out your work tasks at a high height. Thus, this would limit your misuse of any of the tools and any consequential accident that might result from misusing them.

Implementation of work at heights

Finally, the most important part of any Working at Heights Training Brisbane is that it would teach you how to carry out the work tasks of your working at heights profession. This would not just equip you with professional experience in carrying out such tasks. It would also enable you to minimise your probability of miscarrying them out, which might expose you to hazardous consequences.

Working At Heights Training Course Brisbane, QLD

By John o'Connor,

Working at heights is a caution-demanding job. It requires the acquisition of the eligible skills and the adherence to all the necessary precautions. This is to prevent any potential harm such as falling and its consequential serious injuries that can even lead to fatalities. Working at heights includes working at a high distance above the ground, working in locations that have risky edges or working on sites where there is a high risk of falling. To work at heights, it is necessary to take professional courses and to undergo skillful trainings. Working at heights Brisbane is no longer a dreading job because there are myriads of relevant courses easily offered in Brisbane. A highly productive and beneficial working at heights training Brisbane course is Shamrock Training’s Working at Heights Brisbane.

Shamrock Training

Shamrock Training is a training company which is located in Queensland and which provides all the required trainings for working at heights Brisbane. It provides training courses for high-risk workers. In addition, such courses will enable high risk workers to gain the necessary working skills and to provide them with the sufficient knowledge of the necessary precautions to adhere to. Furthermore, Shamrock Training courses match the present-day industry standards. Shamrock Training’s main centre is located in North Brisbane.


Shamrock Training Working at Heights Brisbane is taught by certified and professional trainers. Trainers are highly skilled with brilliant knowledge and experience. Moreover, Shamrock Training’s trainers use written and practical methods to teach the course. Even though Shamrock Training’s main centre is located in North Brisbane, its trainers are ready to travel to any destination in Queensland to deliver the training courses. Through the course, trainers will guide you and support you thoroughly. This is to enable you to successfully attain job opportunities.

Why choose Shamrock Training’s Working at Heights Brisbane?

Shamrock Training is the best choice for obtaining the adequate working at heights training Brisbane because it makes sure to deliver the course through conducting immense training. Trainings are held in classrooms where diverse teaching delivery methods take place, and these trainings include live videos and demonstrations. Sharmock Training’s delivery of the course is not only limited to conducting trainings, but is also inclusive of competent assessments. The Working at Heights Brisbane offers written and practical assessments. In addition, the training matches all the requirements required by the logbook. Furthermore, by the end of the course, Shamrock Training provides you with a certificate which is recognized on a national level.

Working at Heights Course Brisbane

Shamrock Training’s Working at Heights Course Brisbane is a course aimed at preparing workers to carry out any high risk work tasks safely and professionally.

Who is the Working at Heights Brisbane for?

The  course is not limited to workers in specific industries because high risk workers who work in any industry and who carry out work at heights and/or depths are welcome to sign up for this course. This includes steelworkers, scaffolders, roofers, welders and many others.

Content of the Working at Heights Course Brisbane:

This course has a wide range of content that would ensure professional working at heights Brisbane by all the course’s learners. Content includes:

  • Policies of the working sites and the health and safety legislations
  • Identifying hazards, control methods and assessment of risk
  • Implementation of work at heights
  • Features and functions of the safety equipment
  • Usage of tools at height
  • Surveillance of the tools and the safety equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Effective communication on the working sites
  • Storage of the safety equipment
  • Chores of housekeeping

Teaching methodology 

The course includes the usage of different teaching methodologies in order to make sure the learner acquires all the relevant skills needed for working at heights Brisbane. These methodologies include theoretic learning in classrooms, trainings on sites and scenario-based trainings. Furthermore, the course offers practical skills trainings to apply all the theoretical learning that this course provides.

Skills acquired through the Working at Heights Course Brisbane

By completing the course, you will gain a range of high quality skills. These skills include:

  • Being able to identify possible hazards on the working site as well as being able to report them and keep a track on them.
  • Being able to carry out the needed measures of risk control
  • Working at heights Brisbane while maintaining adherance to all the safety measures
  • Being knowledgeable of the different types of safety equipment and having the sufficient understanding of how they work.
  • Having the ability to select the right safety equipment that is needed for the task you are performing
  • Being able to secure the presence of a safe access at the ground while working at heights Brisbane
  • Learning to follow the manufacturer’s instructions of the safety equipment that you are using
  • Being able to keep the safety equipment in the right storage place on the working site
  • Learning how to detect and report any faulty equipment and being able to sequester it safely
  • Being able to maintain an efficient communication with the personnel on the working site. This includes communication methods such as signs and barricades.


Shamrock Training delivers the course at its main centre which is located in North Brisbane. However, the trainers of the course can deliver the course at the client’s preferred site if the necessary equipment is available.

Entry Requirements for the Working at Heights Course Brisbane

There are no entry requirements for the course. Anyone is welcome to sign up for it.


As mentioned, there are no entry requirements for the course. However, there are prerequisites for this course. Firstly, you need to provide a photo of you for identification purposes and you need to have sufficient capability of reading and writing basic English. In addition, you must be capable of working on your feet for about 6 hours. Furthermore, it is advisable to wear safety boots, a hat for sun protection and shirts and pants with long sleeves.


The course provides 1 day of in-person working at heights training Brisbane either in the Shamrock Training’s main center or at the client’s desired location.

Necessary Personal Protective Equipment 

The course requires you to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout the duration of the course. This includes wearing Hi-Vis Shirt, long pants, enclosed shoes, hardhat and gloves. However, you do not need to bring any of this equipment as providing them is inclusive of the course.


After signing up for the course, you can proceed with the payment through paying with either debit card, credit card or direct deposits. However, you need to pay the full amount of the course before its start.


There is a refund policy for the course which you can access through the Shamrock Training student handbook.


By the end of completing the course, Shamrock Training will provide you with the Statement of Attainment certification.


Shamrock Training makes sure that all the assessments and the trainings of the course are compliant to the current compliance standards.

Further information:

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) provides funding of about $281.25. Applicants who meet the criteria of the Construction Skills Queensland funding are eligible for such funding. To assess your eligibility, please contact us.