Do you need EWP Training in Brisbane?

By John o'Connor,

An Elevated work platform course is required by law in Australia for workers who carry out their work on these EWP, in order for EWP employers to be certified by OH&S ticket (Occupational Health and Safety)

There are different Elevated work platform training programs available and to find out which one is relevant to your job, you would need to check with an EWP training company that runs these types of courses. There are a number of Elevated work platform jobs where you need to be licensed, and it is also a legal requirement for both EWP employees and the employer to participate in updates to the training.

Finding Elevated work platform licensed instructors to train you in the safe use of elevated work platforms, and assessors for the subsequent EWP Ticket Brisbane test is not too hard in Australia. And a lot of training companies in Australia also offer an on-site version of the course as well, so you do not need to worry about traveling. With on-site training, you should check if there are additional fees for the licence test and any re-assessment though. Generally, employers look for a comprehensive intensive training course for their EWP employees, with everything covered in the one agreement.

You will find some employers and job agencies offering this training course for free as well, in some cases where you are looking for permanent or seasonal work.

What do you need?

You do need to be over 18 to participate in the EWP training course.

A basic level of reading and writing skills to be able to read the EWP course material in English.

You need a photo ID and a secondary ID document as well.

This Elevated work platform training course includes covers the operation of lifts, risk assessment, health, and safety. However, if they work on EWP, they will need the additional elevated work platform training course.

What do you learn in the EWP Course?

Elevated work platform courses are based on Australian Qualification Framework guidelines, offering training programs on legislation, OHS laws, planning and carrying out the work safely, health, and safety awareness. EWP Training Courses also cover the use of slings, harnesses, and the right use of protective equipment, Elevated work platform orientation, and operation.

With these types of training courses, it is important for the training course to also go over the requirements of employees to be “fit to work” when taking the practical test for the EWP ticket and carrying out the job. This way employers’ interest is protected as well.

How Long does the EWP Course take?

Usually, elevated work platform courses take up to two days to complete, and people should be aware that in some cases, licensed course trainers might refuse to train people who are under the influence of some medication or drugs (Also Alcohol).

Students who prove to be competent are issued a certificate of achievement and an EWP ticket and are then legally licensed to carry out work on elevated work platforms.

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EWP Ticket Brisbane – EWP Training & Licence QLD

By John o'Connor,

Ever wanted to be a qualified high risk worker? Are you planning to obtain the EWP License QLD and you are looking for EWP Ticket Brisbane Course? Shamrock Training is the suitable training centre for you! It provides you with EWP Ticket Brisbane course to deliver you the skills that you need to operate and handle the EWP and to successfully qualify you for the EWP License QLD. You will obtain the adequate knowledge, the right skills and the eligible training that would successfully shower you with many of the great employment opportunities.

About Shamrock Training 

Shamrock Training is a training company that is located in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. What Shamrock Training is all about is that it specialises in high risk licensing and RII units of competency. Shamrock Training has a training centre that is located in North Brisbane. Shamrock Training provides a high quality of high risk training through providing several training courses of High Risk Work. The courses that Shamrock Training provides are flexible and are compliant to the industry’s current standards. 

Why you should choose Shamrock Training

Shamrock Training will successfully qualify you for the EWP Ticket Brisbane. It is the best place to obtain your EWP Ticket Brisbane course at! Shamrock Training offers thorough training through highly skillful and professional trainers. The classroom training where Shamrock Training delivers a part of the EWP Ticket Brisbane course consists of live videos and demonstrations. As for the practical training, it successfully complies with the requirements of the logbook. In addition, the course includes written and practical assessments. More importantly, the certificate you will obtain by the end of the EWP Ticket Brisbane course at Shamrock Training is recognised on a national level.


EWP stands for Elevated Work Platform. It is a platform that can be raised above and below. This is used when employees of certain professions like contractors are unable to have access to the high places they are working at above the ground. Therefore, the Elevated Work Platform enables contractors and similar employees to reach the designated working heights. It can be used to raise either employees, equipment or materials, and it is mostly used on the sites of construction. However, you need to make sure you have the necessary training that would adequately qualify you to be able to use the Elevated Work Platform. If you would like to obtain the EWP License QLD, Shamrock Training is your best choice. Shamrock Training is a pioneer in delivering the EWP Ticket Brisbane through the professional EWP Training Brisbane course that it delivers. 

EWP Training Brisbane Course

The professional EWP Ticket Brisbane course that Shamrock Training provides for the EWP Ticket Brisbane includes a thorough training plan. It trains people on using the Elevated Work Platform of 11m and above in length. The curriculum of this EWP Training Brisbane course is formulated on the national standard of Safe Work Australia for licensing people who work high risk work. In addition, the EWP Ticket Brisbane course complies with the criteria that the state and territory licensing declare and complies with the requirements of the unit of competency. 

Trainers of the EWP Training Brisbane Course

The trainers of the EWP Ticket Brisbane Course are of a high experience and a high knowledge. Even though the trainers of Shamrock Training usually deliver their courses at its main centre in North Brisbane, they are capable of travelling to any other part of Queensland to provide their courses. The trainers deliver the EWP Ticket Brisbane course using various methods. These methods include written and practical teachings. More importantly, the trainers do their best to make sure you have a strong confidence in your great capabilities in order to be able to secure satisfactory employment in the relevant industries.

Aim of the EWP Ticket Brisbane Course

The aim of the EWP Ticket Brisbane course is to professionally qualify you for the EWP Ticket Brisbane. This through aiming at delivering you the adequate knowledge of planning and preparing a task for the operations of the Elevated Work Platform. It also aims at teaching you how to perform operational checks routinely and how to set up and run the Elevated Work Platform in diverse and different workplace conditions. More importantly, it aims at teaching you how to turn off the Elevated Work Platform and to make sure it is secure. The EWP Licence QLD course professionally qualifies you for the EWP Ticket Brisbane. 

Content of the EWP Training Brisbane Course

The EWP Ticket Brisbane course is rich in a wide range of content. The content includes:

  • WHS/OHS legislation, Australian standards and the policies and procedures of sites. 
  • Identifying hazards, environmental problems and control measures
  • Conduction of routine operational checks
  • Safety equipment and personal protective equipment
  • Procedures of isolation and maintenance
  • The Elevated Work Platform characteristics and capabilities 
  • Estimating load
  • Communicating in worksite 
  • Conditions of the ground and types of the soil
  • Emergency procedures 

These are not the whole parts of the content of the EWP Ticket Brisbane course is much more rich in knowledge and experience.

Skills you will gain through the EWP Training Brisbane Course

After you successfully complete the EWP Licence QLD course, you will gain the following skills:

  • The ability to identify any possible hazards like overhead power lines and ground conditions. 
  • Being able to carry out the required measures of risk control through the usage of the control’s hierarchy to prevent the recurrence of possible hazards. 
  • Having the capability of performing operational checking of the Elevated Work Platform that include pre-starts, base-control checks, turning off checks and checking any associated equipment
  • Knowing how to record all the faults and the pre-start checks in the EWP’s logbook.
  • Having the capability to run and move the Elevated Work Platform securely 
  • Knowing how to evaluate the conditions of the ground
  • Having the ability to examine and fit the suitable safety equipment
  • Being capable of maintaining plants and equipment as well as being capable of isolating them if they turn out to be faulty
  • Knowing how to maintain a productive communication with the personnel on the worksite. 
  • Being able to adhere to the legislations of health and safety, practices of safework and policies and procedures of the site
  • Knowing how to report and have documentation of all the necessary information regarding the Elevated Work Platform operations.

By the end of the EWP Licence QLD Course

The EWP Ticket Brisbane course qualifies you for the EWP Ticket Brisbane. After you successfully finish the EWP Training Brisbane course, you will be given a Statement of Attainment that is recognised nationally. Hence, you will be eligible for applying for the HRWL License via Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.


You will obtain the Statement of Attainment for the competency unit that you have completed. 

Logistics of the EWP Training Brisbane Course

One of the perks of the EWP Training Brisbane course is that it is 3 days in duration only. Shamrock Training delivers the EWP Ticket Brisbane course in-person and at either Shamrock Training’s main centre or the client’s preferred location. 

Delivery of the EWP Ticket Brisbane Course

Shamrock Training delivers the course through different techniques. These include learning theory in classrooms, training on the worksites and training of practical knowledge using scenarios. 

Location of the EWP Training Brisbane Course

Shamrock Training is very flexible when it comes to delivering its courses. Shamrock Training delivers this course at its main centre in North Brisbane; however, it can deliver the course anywhere based on the client’s request. 

Entry Requirements

Good news is that there are no entry requirements to enrol in the EWP Ticket Brisbane course. Accordingly, Shamrock Training is your gateway to easily obtain the EWP Ticket Brisbane.  

Prerequisites of the course

Even though there are no entry requirements for this course, there are some prerequisites that include being able to know how to write and read basic English according to the Workplace Health and Safety Requirement and having the physical capability of working outdoors while remaining on foot for about 6 hours. You also have to be at least 18 years of age as per the Workplace Health and Safety Requirement, and you need to present to us three identification methods that include your photo ID. In addition, you have to wear safety boots or that are steel capped, sun protection hat and pants and shirts of long sleeves on site. 

PPE requirements

To attend this course, you have to wear Hi-Vis shirt, long pants, enclosed shoes, a hardhat and gloves, Shamrock Training will provide you with all the other PPEs. 

Payment of the course

Shamrock Training offers various payment methods. You can pay for the EWP Ticket Brisbane course through debit card, credit card or even through making deposits directly. You can also coordinate payment plans with Certegy Ezi-pay; however, it is required to have a pre-approval before the start of the course. You have to complete all payments before the start of the course. 


To know further information about Shamrock Training’s refund policies for its courses, you can go through the student handbook.

Contact us for information about the EWP Ticket & Training course in Brisbane – QLD

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